Kennedy & Wilson Chocolates have been passionately producing premium chocolate since 1995 in Victoria's idyllic Yarra Valley.

Using the finest cocoa and cocoa butter from around the world, Kennedy & Wilson strive to produce chocolate that tastes like chocolate - a product that is high in cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cream.

 The philosophy of Kennedy & Wilson is simple: It’s all about the Chocolate.

Life is a fascinating story, and the Kennedy and Wilson journey has seen the fastidious and inspired couple’s professional interests grow from winemaker to chocolatier and back again.

While working as a winemaker under the infamous Dr Bailey Carrodus at Yarra Yering from 1986–96, Peter Wilson was fortunate to be taken on a trip to England, Switzerland, Sweden and Portugal, finally ending up in France to see first-hand the excellent wines of Burgundy.

After experiencing the craft of the Burgundian wine-making masters and tasting their beautiful wines, Peter said he had a craving for something sweet. In the small French town of Beaune, he popped into the corner store and bought some Valrhona chocolate.


It was love at first taste for the budding winemaker. He said, “The amazing thing about this stunning chocolate was that here was the first chocolate that I had ever tasted that had as much thought and care put into its production as was done with top quality wines. It was obvious from its palate that this was chocolate of supreme quality”.

Peter returned from his trip, determined to create a chocolate of similar quality and taste in Australia, and together with his partner, Juliana Kennedy, they began the exhaustive search for the type of equipment necessary to make small batches of top quality chocolate. Even more difficult, they said, was the search for the highest quality ingredients: cocoa from South and Central America, Asia, New Guinea, the Caribbean and Africa; milk and cream from New Zealand; and vanilla from Vanuatu and Madagascar.

Peter took to the craft of chocolate-making with the same tenacity as he did to making wine. It took many years, and a good deal of trial and error to reach what the Kennedy and Wilson team considered to be the best blends for their chocolates.

“We wanted to produce chocolate that tasted of chocolate, not just of sugar.  So much chocolate is over-sweet. We took the alternative route, and produced chocolate that is high in cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cream.”

Kennedy and Wilson produces luxuriously rich milk, dark, white and exotically flavoured Couverture, the very high quality chocolate that contains at least 32% cocoa butter. Their Couverture range includes a 48% cocoa solids milk chocolate, a 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate and an unsweetened 99% cocoa solids dark chocolate.

After perfecting their couverture range, Kennedy and Wilson added an exquisite and daring range of filled chocolates, many of which feature Yarra Valley ingredients. Delectable caramels, raspberry and chilli, toffee-roasted hazelnut, passionfruit, blackcurrant, pralines and truffles are just a few of the multitude of irresistible flavours available.